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DInky Toys Price Guide Ramsays 2020

Announcing the Latest

2020 Diecast Catalogue


Looking for more valuations...

Order the latest Diecast Price Guide: Ramsay's 2020 'British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue' is now in its 17th Edition covering huge range of collectable diecast models from 1933-1983. RRP £29.99.

The book of choice for collectors, dealers, auctioneers and investors alike, the guide covers: Dinky Toys (English and French 1933-83), Corgi Toys (1956-83), Lesney Matchbox Toys (1947-83), Tri-ang Spot-on, Budgie Toys, Morestone, Lone Star, Britains Vehicles, Crescent Toys and many others. 

This latest edition has been updated by a team of experts, with many sections undergoing complete overhaul; as a result market value prices and listings of new variations that have been uncovered have been amended. With close to 400 pages covering over 3000 models alongside all-colour photographs - collectors and sellers will find this in-depth coverage indispensable.



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Corgi Toys 261 James Bond DB5 Car

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