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The Batmobile Car is rarest as a 1st issue, as numerous varieties have been produced since 1966. These sets have been known to command up to £2000 if in mint condition with all of the extras.


  The original set consists of:


- Car with Batman and Robin

- Box

- Plinth

- Envelope

- Secret instructions

- Lapel badge

- Missiles on a sprue

- Inner packing ring

Corgi 267 - Batmobile

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The Christmas market was dominated yet again in 1966 by a Corgi Toy after the success of the 261 Aston Martin DB5 the previous year; this time the 'Batmobile' (267) released in October 1966, a George Barris customised 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car from the American television series 'Batman.'

The car featured rocket launchers, pulsating 'flames' from the jet engine exhaust, a chain cutting device and models of 'Batman' and the boy-wonder 'Robin' sitting in the car.


Another massive sales success for Corgi, the Batmobile went on to sell over five million examples in its lengthy life, staying in the range until the 1980s.


The June of the following year GS3 was issued consisting of 'The Batmobile' towing a 'Batboat' on a trailer.

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