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Prices vary depending upon condition; A mint set with all accessories could cost up to £800 - expensive considering the original cost of 10/6 (about £6.80 as a current equivalent)


  The set consists of:


- Car with 3 working features and two passengers

- Plinth

- Box

- Envelope

- Secret instructions

- Spare Bad Guy

- Lapel badge

- Sales Leaflet


The Corgi 261 - James Bond DB5 [see left] has arguably become Corgi's most popular collector's item since its release in 1965.


Despite the fact that the casting of the new James Bond car was based heavily on the earlier Aston Martin DB4, it was the extraordinary special features that marked out this model.

4518079392_190x179.jpg 4518079389_232x173.jpg 4518079390_238x176.jpg 4518079391_228x175.jpg

There were machine guns in the front wings which popped out at the touch of a button, a bullet proof shield which popped up to protect the rear screen when the exhaust pipes were pressed, and most spectacular of all was the ejector seat which fired through a roof panel which opened by the touch of another button.


The quality of design and engineering remains unparalleled in a mass produced toy car, and released in time for the 1965 Christmas market the Corgi factory found it was unable to keep up with demand, leading to coverage in the British press of stories of toy shop shelves being cleared of this new must-have toy in minutes.

Corgi 261 - DB5 Bond Car

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